BlackBerry Tips

Tips 'n' Tricks for BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Handheld devices.


If you have ever removed a user off the BlackBerry Enterprise Server via the Administrator Web Console and have come to find that you’re no longer able to re-add the user this might help you:

BlackBerry Protect provides a convenient way to wirelessly backup and restore BlackBerry smartphone data as well as features to help find a lost or stolen BlackBerry smartphone and help protect data if it is ever lost or stolen.

Files stored on a BlackBerry smartphone's media card have a .rem extension added to the original file name.

Safe mode is designed to allow troubleshooting or remove any unwanted applications and can also be used to prevent third-party applications from running automatically when starting the BlackBerry smartphone.

In order to take a screen shot of the active display on a BlackBerry® smartphone, complete the following steps:

  1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer using a USB cable.

When turning off the BlackBerry Smartphone, a dialog box appears displaying the following options:

During an SRP ID and SRP Authentication Key change the BlackBerry Enterprise Server must successfully send a switch service command to all devices, resend IT Policy to all devices, and resend all Desktop Service Books to all devices. 

Want to quickly view / share your PIN with a contact?

Compose a new message, and type “mypin” then press space to share.

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