In IBM/Lotus Domino, you may way to disable the ability to use WebAdmin.

In order to prevent the http task from creating the webadmin.nsf, you need to follow this process:

In the server NOTES.INI, add the line


The server's notes.ini parameter "DominoNoWebAdmin=1" will prevent HTTP task from creating the webadmin.nsf database without the need to delete the webadmin.ntf template.
If the webadmin.nsf database is already created on the server, it needs to be deleted manually with the following steps:

  • stop the HTTP task ("tell http quit"),
  • delete webadmin.nsf database from the Administration Client,
  • start the HTTP task again ("load http").

Now HTTP task will not create new webadmin.nsf database again.
If for any reason it will be impossible to delete the webadmin.nsf database when the server is running - shutdown the server and delete it from the operating system level.


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