In order to create a view within a Lotus Notes database that will allow you to see all of the Replication/Save Conflicts, you will need to have Designer Access to the database.

  1. Open the Lotus Domino Designer.
  2. Create a New View, with no response hierarchy (Replication/Save conflict documents are response documents)
  3. Use the following Selection formula for the view:

                                      SELECT @IsAvailable($Conflict)
  4. If you want to display additional field information in the view then the relative columns must be set as categorized or they will not appear. If you then additionally want to have the notation "[Replication or Save Conflict]" appear for each document (which makes it easier to select them) simply create a non-categorized column with the formula "".

Note: It is expected that a conflict document will simply display the entry "[Replication or Save Conflict]" unless there are categorized columns in the view.

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