In order to add your license file to the IBM DB2 server, you must first of all have obtained a valid license from IBM.

In order to add the license to the server, follow this process:

  1. Extract the license file that you obtained from IBM
    In our case, we are using a open license that is available with specific productcs (such as IBM Connections)

    The path that we have the license extract to is D:\Software\ese_o\db2\license\
  2. Launch a command prompt, with Administrator rights on the server.
  3. Issue the command

db2licm -l


  1. Issue the command to add the license file to the server:

db2licm -a D:\Software\ese_o\db2\license\db2ese_o.lic


  1. You can verify that your license has been added correctly by re-issung the command:

db2licm -l

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