In order to install IBM DB2 Enterprise Server on Windows Server 2012 R2, you need to obtain at least v10.1 Fix Pack 4.

Follow this process in order to install the IBM DB2 Enterprise Server software.


  1. Extract the installation files from the distribution ZIP file provided.
  2. Locate and launch SETUP.EXE

  3. Select Install a product

  4. Select the correct version for which you have a license key, and click on Install New.

  5. Click on Next

  6. Select I accept the IBM and non-IBM terms
  7. Click on Next

  8. Select Typical
  9. Click on Next

  10. Select Install DB2 Enterprise Server Edition on this computer
  11. Click Next

  12. Change the directory to one that only uses short paths - it is not recommended to install to Program Files folder.
    Normally we will install to D:\IBM\SQLLIB\
  13. Click on Next

  14. Change teh directory to install the SSH server to.
  15. Click Next

  16. Enter the password for the DB2ADMIN user.
    This is the administrator for the DB2 instance that is being installed.
  17. Click on Next

  18. Click Next

  19. Un-tick the Set up your DB2 server to send notifications
  20. Click Next

  21. Click on Next

  22. Review the installation summary, and then click on Install to proceed with the installation on your server.

  23. When the installation is complete, click on Next

  24. And finally, click on Finish


The installation of the IBM DB2 server is now complete.



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